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pay anonymously with crypto

Buy things anonymously & pay with cryptocurrencies

In this post we will show you how to buy things anonymously on amazon, home depot, ebay, and many more with cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin and many altcoins.

Anonymity Basics

Before we show you how this works we want to teach you the anonymity basics so you get a basic understanding of anonymity.

First of all, anonymity is unfortunately not possible, but you will not need it. If you are familiar with blockchain technology, you will know that, with a few exceptions, a blockchain is an open transaction book. This means that when a payment is made, there is always a digital printout of your wallet address that can be viewed by the public.

Is this wallet address or one of the wallets where the coins were previously linked to your name. If not you can pay psydonymized. This means that not your name but only the wallet address is connected with the payment.

How is my name associated with my wallet?

There are many possibilities how this could have happened. Most likely you registered with a centralized exchange like Binance or coinbase and went through a KYC process. You have provided all the relevant information about yourself that can be attributed to the wallet or subsequent wallet. Even if you did not do this, when you registered on an exchange or wallet, you will have provided an email address that can be attributed to your person. All or similar does not apply?

Pseudonymize/Anonymize wallet

Wallet Anonymization Guide

My wallet is associated with my name. What to do? Click on the ghost symbol and learn how to buy cryptocurrencies anonymously or turn your already purchased coins into anonymous coins.

Got it? Very good then you are ready to shop psyeudonymized on the biggest ecommerce markets like amazon with cryptocurrencies.

Easy & Fast but limited method




Everyone who surfs the internet should use a VPN. It is very simple. Search for expressvpn or nordvpn. Both are big established providers and you can try them for free.

A little more anonymity never hurts! This also applies to your email address. Good that there are also providers where you can create an email address without your name, phone number. Be careful not to connect the name of the email address with your real identity. Get a secure email at Protonmail or Tutanota

Now to bring your cryptocurrencies from the digital world into the physical real world we go over an intermediate step here.

We buy voucher cards with Bitcoin, Dogecoin and many other Altcoins easily and anonymously. For this you need your anonymous email address.

We recommend BitRefill to buy gift cards from hundreds of brands with only one email address and one of 80 cryptocurrencies

Click to get 5$ for free after a deposit of 50$.

You need help to find your way around bitrefil we have written a guide that will help you

Use your anonymous email address. If you also need a phone number, you can rent mobile numbers on the internet to ensure your legitimacy on the store.

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